Financial advice

Financial advice




The classic financing of a German cinema film can generally be imagined as follows: 40% film funding, 40% co-production contribution from a TV broadcaster, 10% minimum guarantee from a cinema distributor, 10% own money from the producer and minimum guarantee from a world distributor and provisions for fees.

The sources of funding are manageable:

– funds for cooperation contributions from TV stations,
– film funding,
– private equity,
– minimum guarantees of cinema distribution and / or global distribution,
– funds from co-producers,
– capital from crowdfunding

We advise and support filmmakers and investors from the establishment of special purpose entities with the optimal legal form, through financing and marketing of the finished film product.
The structure of the financing plays a major role in this.
State subsidies, sponsors, funds from product placement, equity and debt capital as well as regulatory requirements must be taken into account.